Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chrome you say? I need one.

I don't even own an iPhone 4.... but I want this just in case I can ever get one. Available from incase for only $35, they are pretty slick, although after a weeks wear and tear of using your iPhone like most people do, it might not be as gleaming anymore, with plenty of scratches. But if you need a nice mirror when you are on the go, extra points for tech vanity!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

You can get the white iPhone 4, even though it's been cancelled by Apple.

Fei Lam, who goes by Phil, is a 17 year old kid from New York who has spent the last few months bargaining behind the curtains with Apple suppliers to get the parts needed to turn your iPhone 4 white. Some might not think that is a big deal, but with rumors swirling that have said that Apple has killed the white version, a lot of people want to stand out from the other millions of black iPhone 4 owners. Through months of negotiation and shady business calls, he was able to get connected with people within Foxconn, one of Apple's main parts suppliers, and buy legitimate white iPhone components straight from the factory since Apple had halted production on the white option. He has made over $130,000 since his website has gone live and he hasn't even graduated from high school. Although Apple has made no comment on the teenager and his website, it is well known that Apple does not like people who sell their components without a cut. His website is still up and taking orders so if you want a white iPhone, click here to find out more info.

Verizon Rolling Out LTE (It's 4G network) Starting in December

Verizon's LTE Network will begin to spread throughout the U.S. beginning with San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, plus 34 other cities and airports by the end of December. Let the 4G Verizon iPhone rumors start up again.

Acer has 4 New Tablets coming in early February 2011!

Over Thanksgiving break Acer unveiled a slew of new portable computing devices including 4 tablets, a convertible laptop, as well as a new Android smartphone. While each one of these devices is remarkable and lust-worthy, nothing outshines their new "Iconia" dual screen netbook that uses two LCD screens. While the top screen is basically your main display for viewing webpages and streaming content, the bottom screen can be used as a keyboard by pressing all ten fingers on the display, bringing up a full-size keyboard. You can also choose to be watching a youtube clip on the top screen while managing your open applications and windows via the lower LCD. This netbook comes with Windows 7 preinstalled and is sure to be quite expensive when it debuts in the first quarter of 2011. More details will be uploaded when they become available.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Instantly stream brand new movies?

An interesting bit of news from Rottentomatoes.com:

A new service called Zediva may have a way of allowing users to access new movies via the internet with streaming. Many other services have problems with DVD licensing agreements, limiting when they can allow their movies to be rented.